June Meeting and more

Hello all

At our Annual Meeting in June we elected two new Board Members, Iza Mokrosz and Natalie Walburger - both are artists and educators. Welcome Iza and Natalie! All other Board members remain for their second year of a two year term.

We had three very interesting short colour lectures (see Events, Links and News) - our experiment with a Pecha Kucha-like format gave us the impression that we could use slightly longer presentations! So we hope to do this again, with about 15 minute presentations. Let us know if you are interested in presenting, and we will organize a Fall event. We'd like to have some members in industry (of any kind) as a next set.

Also, we'd like to have events in other locations in Canada. If you can organize an event, please let us know by sending an email to me at doreen.balabanoff@gmail.com. They can be posted here and we will be building our roster of members who can find their local group to build our national presence.

Please note we have a means of collecting membership dues now  at this site - see the link in the top right of this blog. Please join now!  Your dues help us build web resources, researcher connectivity and events across the country. Individual dues for one year are $25. We also welcome industry sponsors - let me know if you are interested or have some potential sponsors the Executive should contact.

Doreen Balabanoff
CRSC President