June Message from the President

Hello CRSC members

We usually have an Annual Meeting in June - June 1 was our second anniversary - but as we were busy hosting the ASA conference (American Synesthesia Association) June 1 & 2, we have held off, and are planning to hold that Annual Meeting sometime in the Fall. We'd like to have a guest speaker, and we'd like to really figure out how to have participation from other parts of Canada. We will hold elections at that time. We'll keep you posted well in advance.

As you know the ASA conference has been a top priority for us, but Board Members have also been working on Sponsorship, Action Plans, and other event planning.

I am pleased to announce that we now have partners in Winnipeg who have agreed to help start a Winnipeg Chapter.

We are actively seeking the development of Chapters in other regions of Canada. This past year we added a Board Member from Quebec.

What does it mean to start a Chapter?  For now, it means being a CRSC member, and looking for opportunities to host events, whether lectures, webinars, meet and greets, PechaKucha gatherings, or anything else you can think of that might be fun, informative and connective to those from academia, professional practice, industry of any kind, etc. We're looking for anyone who thinks about and cares about colour in their work, their research, their activities. We're looking to advance colour knowledge, and sharing our interests, research, practice, and understandings is valuable to that end.

Our Crossing Sensory Boundaries/ASA Conference project came about from our hosting of a guest lecture by Daphne Maurer. So one thing leads to another - colour research will definitely be enriched by this endeavour. Please visit crossingsensoryboundaries.com to follow ongoing dissemination of the results of the work that we engaged in related to the ASA conference. The CRSC is responsible for this SSHRC Connections Grant supported series of extraordinary public events. We have heard from many participants that this conference and its diverse special programming was a transformative experience. We believe synesthesia research has strong value for science, for art/design, for education and for societal awareness of different ways of knowing.

If you know someone who is not a member but might enjoy connecting to others who find colour interesting - whether theoretical or practical -  please ask them to join us. As we grow, we will be able to increase membership  benefits, but for now, we need support just to build the basic, such as a fully developed web presence.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at dbalabanoff@faculty.ocadu.ca if you have questions about joining us. Or if you have ideas to help us grow.

Best regards,
Doreen Balabanoff
CRSC/SCRC President