NCS course industrial design colour



From the NCS Stockholm: last chance to register for this course scheduled for May 8-9 in Stockholm.

A well-designed product is not only a good looking object. It’s also based on design psychology – the interaction between people and objects. In other words, how to create a design that allows us to immediately understand the function of an object and how it works and without compromising the aesthetics. Take the opportunity to learn more about design psychology and how to make change by colour design. On May 8-9, Dr Leonhard Oberascher is coming to Stockholm for an exclusive course in Industrial Colour Design to talk about this.

As a product and stage designer, professional artist and psychologist Oberascher has explored the importance of design in architecture and products. But also how our brains deal with colour. During the course he will discuss how to create successful designs, differentiate products and position brands through well-done colour design.

Oberascher has studied this subject for many years. His focal areas are architecture and design psychology, trend research and product development, colour and material, concepts and colour and light. He is also the co-founder and part owner of Grappa Design Approach. As well as a member of the executive committee of AIC (International Colour Association). Since 1988 he is the chair/co-chair of the AIC study group for Environmental Colour Design.

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