Colour in Communication Design

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"Colour Changes Everything"


Dear colleagues

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I'm pleased to be going to Taipeh in September to present my peer-reviewed paper on Colour and Light in the Birth Environment. 

I served on the Scientific Committee for this Conference, as well as on a jury for the Logo of the International Day of Colour Logo. 

Doreen Balabanoff
President, CRSC

The AIC MidTerm meeting 'In Colour We Live: Colour and Environment'
is taking place in Taipeh Sept 23-25, 2012.  

 See for further information.

 AIC 2013 - the 12th International Conference of the International Colour Association

The call for papers for AIC 2013  opened in July, and closes December 17. 
See aic

Toronto ASA Conference

The American Synestesia Association Conference
will be taking place at OCAD University
May 31- June 2, 2013
co-sponsored by the Colour Research Society of Canada & the Office of Research at OCADU