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Colour : Couleur
The Journal of the Colour Research Society of Canada
Colour : Couleur is the new Journal of the Colour Research Society of Canada. The mission of the Journal is to create an open-source, common space for discussion and dissemination of scholarly research and professional practice focused on Colour in Industry, Art and Design, Scientific disciplines, and Academia. The Journal will take advantage of the capabilities of current Web technologies, permitting contributors to embed visual and auditory elements into their submissions as necessary, even allowing multi-media submissions such as film and video, visual artworks or audio submissions.

Inaugural issue:
Hearing the colour of a flute; tasting the sharpness of a banana; feeling the months of the year wrapped around your body. To some of us, the crossing of sensory boundaries occurs only in realms of imagination, guided by poets, artists and musicians. To those of us with Synaesthesia, however, one mode of stimulus actually triggers perceptions in another.  
Appearing in a growing body of research from diverse fields, synaesthesia is a complex of neurological processes that results in a blurring of perceptual boundaries. With the advent of neuroscientific imaging, this uncommon, even quasi-mystical ability has become a focus of study that intriguingly bridges disciplinary studies in Developmental Psychology, the Neurosciences, Art, Design, and Music, and Poetics.
For the inaugural edition of “Colour : Couleur,” the CRSC would like to complete a series of special events on synesthesia, called ‘Crossing Sensory Boundaries’ that we initiated in 2013, by  calling for papers, research studies, and examples of creative practice that can illuminate or describe some aspect of this phenomenon of human cognition and creativity. Seeking to provide a generous overview of technical and non-technical examinations of the synesthetic experience, the journal will provide a context for diverse contributions to the growing knowledge base centred upon understanding this extraordinary human capacity. We are aiming for researchers, practitioners and synaesthetes themselves to contribute to the project, to reflect the range of interests, and to share and discuss knowledge across disciplines.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
Foundational concepts
Education-related studies: learning/language development, cognitive studies
Research methodologies
Analytical methods
Creativity studies
Creative methods: practice-based
Experiential projects

Paper Submissions
While media-based submissions are encouraged, we are also soliciting three types of papers: long papers (up to 10 pages); position papers for new ideas (up to 6 pages); presentations/examples of creative practice (images, sound, writing, etc.)
Documents should clearly describe original research, describe novel and promising ideas that might not have been fully validated, or present creative practices with/for interpretation and discussion. All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three Advisory Committee members. Papers must be formatted according to Harvard standards, and if previously published, this should be stated and referenced clearly.

Papers may be submitted at   
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Important dates
Paper or Presentation Submission Deadline: April 30, 2014
Notification:  May 30, 2014
Publication: August 2014
Editorial board:
Prof. Doreen Balabanoff
Dr. Robin Kingsburgh
Dr. David Griffin
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